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The European professionals

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"I cycle through The Hague and see the opportunities that Europe has to offer."

Eline Beemsterboer

Municipality The Hague

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"We noticed that there was very little entertainment around politics."

Dylan Ahern

De Kiesmannen

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"The Dutch government is accountable to the House for everything it does, including their activities in Europe."

Louis Middelkoop

Dutch House of Representatives

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"I think the road to becoming an 'EU expert' is much longer than I initially thought."

Naomi End

Municipality of Dordrecht 

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"We help people to work under fair working conditions."

Kevin Sikma


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"I am a national professional, but with a dark blue background and yellow stars."

Rogier Kuin


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"Students often ask me for insider tips to get a traineeship."

Eline Huizing

EU Careers by EPSO

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"You must know what your point of view is and communicate it well".

Niels Back


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"There is always someone who says: Brussels doesn’t allow that!"

Melvin Könings

Lysias Advies