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About European Professionals

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European cooperation is a human effort. Every day, hundreds of professionals in EU member states are active in the shaping of European policy. They play an important role in the design and implementation of the European priorities around the climate transition, peace & justice, digitalization and building a strong economy. With this project we aim to put these professionals in the spotlight.

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‘Europe’ is not something that just happens in offices in Brussels. It can be found everywhere close to home. Through the portrait series European Professionals we show who the different people are that play a role in building Europe’s future from within the member states. Fresh portraits are published every week on this website. Together they introduce us into a diversity of roles and the knowledge, skills and competences that are essential to be successful in European collaboration.

About the initiators

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Remmelt de Weerd

This project is initiated by the European Impact Hub, part of the research group Changing Role of Europe at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The current series, focusing on professionals in The Netherlands, is co-funded by the European Commission’s liaison office in The Netherlands. The portraits are made by Remmelt de Weerd. The website and social media channels are maintained by Kate Fielemon.

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